Education Courses

education courses

Education courses focus on the skills and knowledge needed to teach others. Students learn how to plan learning experiences, assess student progress and teach subjects such as English, mathematics or science. Some education majors study human growth and development to understand the different ways people learn, and how that changes over time.

Educational coursework may include lectures, discussions and assignments. In a lecture, a professor stands up and talks in front of a group of students. He or she may use a PowerPoint presentation or whiteboard. In a discussion, students discuss the material and work together with a teacher’s assistant or another student.

Courses in education are taught at a variety of levels, including diplomas, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. There are also specialisations in education, such as primary, secondary and adult education.

A degree in education gives you the foundation of analytical and critical thinking, writing and presentation skills, as well as the knowledge to design curriculum, plan lessons, and target the learning capability of students. It will also give you information and communication technology savvy, research and analytical skills, teamwork ability, self-management and organisational skills.

In addition, many education degrees will involve field experience or internships. This will help you build confidence and gain practical teaching experience, as well as the skills you need to be successful in the classroom.

EDUC 414 Inclusive Methods II: Science, Math, Technology and Arts

This course examines effective instructional techniques that focus on how to teach science, mathematics, and the fine arts in diverse learning environments for all students. It also includes a study of how to provide assistive and adaptive technology that facilitates learning in the classroom for students with disabilities, both inclusive and self-contained.

EDUC 560 Philosophy of Education and Society

This is a philosophy of education course that explores the role of the education system in a democratic society. It will also introduce you to a range of philosophical texts that examine the concept of education, from Plato to Rousseau and Dewey.

EDUC 670 Student Teaching Portfolios and Practices

This is an important course for all student teachers, as it provides them with an opportunity to practice their skills under the supervision of a qualified teacher. It will also cover a range of issues and challenges that arise in the classroom, and help students to develop their own personal teaching practices.

EDUC 722 Exceptional Children in the Classroom

This is another course for special education students and teachers, as it focuses on the challenges faced by adolescent special needs learners. It will also examine how adolescent special needs learners can become engaged in the school environment.

EDUC 855 Educating Diverse Learners

This course will explore the educational challenges faced by students with a wide range of abilities, such as those who have physical disabilities, emotional disorders or linguistic disabilities. It will also introduce you to strategies for assisting these students in the classroom, as well as how to work with parents and other community members to support their success.