The Benefits of Studying Part Time

studying part time

Many people who study part time do so because they cannot afford to take on a full-time course, or it would clash with their current job. This is a legitimate reason to do so, and many students manage to successfully combine work with their studies if they plan carefully. It also allows them to gain experience in the workplace while gaining a qualification that will help them get a good job.

There is great variation in people who study part time; they may be a young adult working casual shifts in a cafe, or they could be a mid-career professional wanting to boost their career prospects. It is also possible to start studying a new subject and discover a whole new part of your identity, which can be very satisfying.

The most obvious benefit of a part-time degree is the flexibility it offers to students. You are able to work your way through the course, and can choose to do so either by attending classes after hours at a university or technikon, or through distance learning. The latter option is perfect for busy people with family and work commitments.

A part-time qualification can take a long time to complete, and juggling work, study, life and other responsibilities can be stressful. However, if you have the support of your employer and a grad program that can accommodate your needs then it is a much less daunting prospect.

The skills gained through post-secondary education are highly valued by employers. These are both hard and soft skills; hard skills like writing, computer competency and software competence and soft skills such as communication and problem-solving. It is also a very social process and you meet lots of people from all walks of life; these networks can be valuable to you later on in your career.

One of the best things about a higher education is that it opens up opportunities. You have access to a world of knowledge that can be applied in your workplace, and you are able to make connections with other people who share the same passion for the subject. This is often something that students miss out on when they leave school, and it can be a huge source of motivation for the future.

Studying part time is a fantastic way to achieve your academic goals while boosting your resume and getting the job you want in the future. If you’re considering taking on a new qualification, talk to your employer about whether they will support you, and look for a reputable university that offers flexible courses. It’s a worthwhile investment that will pay off in the long run!